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Alternative Medicine Timmins - The level of blood glucose refers to the amount of glucose or sugar existing in the blood. The standard range the body maintains a blood glucose reference range between around 3.6 - 5.8 mM and also represented as mmol/L that translates to millimoles/liter. The range could even be measured as 64.8-104.4 mg/dL. As part of the metabolic homeostasis, the human body strongly regulates level of blood glucose.

The body's main source of energy for its cells is glucose, while the blood lipids which are in the forms of fats and oils, provide a compact energy store. The bloodstream transports glucose from the intestines or liver to body cells. The hormone insulin makes the glucose available for cell absorption. Insulin is primarily produced within the body by the pancreas.

For humans, the average normal blood glucose level is practically 4mM or 4mmol/L or 72 mg/dL, which is in milligrams/decilitre. During the day it is common for the levels of blood glucose to fluctuate. Normally, levels of glucose are lowest during the morning prior to having breakfast. The reading is referred to often as "the fasting level." Levels normally rise after meals for a couple of hours. When blood sugar levels fall outside of the regular range, this could be a sign of a medical condition. When the level is constantly high, it is called hyperglycemia and conversely, levels that are low are considered to be hypoglycaemia.

The major hallmark of Diabetes mellitus is persistent hyperglycemia. This particular illness is the most prominent of all diseases connected to the failure of blood sugar regulation. Trauma, severe stress, sickness, myocardial infarction, surgery or stroke may likewise cause temporarily high blood sugar levels. An initial surge in blood sugar can likewise occur due to alcohol intake, although later on it tends to cause levels to decline.

Health Effects

If blood sugar levels decline very low, hypoglycaemia develops. This is a potentially fatal condition. Symptoms of hypoglycaemia consist of impaired mental functioning, lethargy, irritability, twitching, shaking, and loss of consciousness, aggressive or paranoid mentality, sweating, and weakness in leg and arm muscles, pale complexion and perhaps even brain damage. Appetite is suppressed over the short term if levels remain too high. Many of the long-term health conditions linked with diabetes can take place due to long-term hyperglycemia. Health problems can consist of heart disease, nerve damage, and kidney and eye damage.

Low Blood Sugar

The mechanisms which help to restore satisfactory glucose levels post hypoglycaemia must be quick and effective in order to avoid very serious consequences of inadequate glucose. If untreated, hypoglycaemia may lead to unsteadiness, confusion and in the extreme, coma. It is a lot more dangerous to have very little amounts of glucose in the blood than too much, at least on a temporary basis.

Within healthy individuals, blood glucose-regulating mechanisms are normally somewhat efficient. Usually, symptomatic hypoglycaemia is present only in diabetics making use of pharmacological treatment or insulin. The severity and swiftness of hypoglycaemic episodes can differ significantly between people. In severe instances, prompt medical assistance is immediately needed because damage to tissues and brain damage and possibly even death can be caused by very low levels of blood glucose.

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