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Acupuncture Clinic Timmins - Therapy using magnets and the magnetic field that surrounds living things is a form of complementary or alternative medicine. Also known as magneto-therapy, magnotherapy or magnet therapy, permanent static magnets or electromagnetic devices are positioned onto the bodies of customer by practitioners.

Various health benefits are purported by advocates of magnetic therapy. Although there is no scientific proof to back these claims, some of the believed benefits comprise accelerated healing of wounds, increased vitality and increased energy. Some practitioners say that different health benefits could be acquired based on where the magnet is placed on the body.

Some advocates and practitioners believe that individuals who forgo using magnets could be subjected to an avoidable feeling of unease, discomfort or illness, or that non users are more prone to suffer from malaise. These practitioners define malaise as "Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome," however; various professionals deny the validity of this condition. A large number of medical doctors and health experts totally deny the effectiveness of magnetic therapy all together.

Benefits of magnetic therapy are said to include an enhanced circulatory system. In fact, blood proteins called hemoglobin, carry oxygen and are weakly diamagnetic. This means that hemoglobin can create a magnetic field in opposition to an externally utilized magnetic field. Then again, it is thought that the magnets that are used in magnetic therapy and in the products related are very weak to have whichever affect at all on the circulatory system or the blood circulation inside the body.

There are hundreds of thousands of individuals who undergo or practice therapy, even if there is little to no evidence supporting this form of therapy. Some people believe that magnetic therapy functions by way of a placebo effect, meaning those who partake in magnetic therapy only feel stronger and happier and healthier because they have been told that the therapy will provide them with health benefits.

The business is mostly based on the sale of products that promise to provide the wearer or user particular health benefits. There are a wide variety of magnetic products in the market. Products consist of everything from blankets woven with magnetic materials, magnetic mattresses, water which has been magnetized, magnetic straps that are designed to fit around the wrists, midsection and ankles; magnetic shoe insoles and different kinds of magnetic jewelry, particularly bracelets.

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