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Timmins Massage Therapy - Visceral manipulation is a manual treatment which works through the internal visceral organs in the body such as the stomach, liver, heart, and intestines, et cetera. As soon as the first assessment of a person's body has finally been completed, the practitioner's hands are gently positioned on these organs which are not quite moving with the rhythm of an individual's body which could bring about physiological issues. The aim of this particular therapy is to have normal motility and mobility, inherent tissue motion of the tone and viscera. Our bodies need natural motion so as to be fit and work properly. When tissues become infected or even swollen, they are known to lose natural movement.

Mobility is actually defined as the pushing and pulling of all surrounding tissue. Visceral organs move in response to different exterior forces which can be either voluntary or involuntary. The functional impairment of the organ implies restriction.

Motility is actually defined as the organ's active, intrinsic movement and can also be the kinetic expression of tissues in motion. Embryologic axes and directions of these movements are inscribed within the visceral tissues and happen around a point of balance and moves away and to the median axis of the body. This is known as inspir and expir, and cycles between 7 and 8 cycles per one minute. The very aim of enhancing organ function and re-establishing a much better physiological movement is obtained by using particular techniques to be able to treat parts of altered or decreased motion.

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