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Therapy in Timmins - A healing technique that makes use of colours to better health and adjust mood and atmosphere is named colour therapy or chromotherapy. Chromotherapy is based upon the principle that every colour of the spectrum invokes a unique emotion in individuals. This kind of holistic therapy dates back thousands of years. There is evidence that it was utilized by both the earliest Egyptians plus the Mayans as a technique to improve healing and health. Colour therapy has achieved a revival through the 20th century.

Self-worth, vision and wisdom are associated with the colour Yellow. Yellow is known to be utilized to help memory and offer courage. Orange is connected with happiness and success and has been utilized as a source for hopefulness and as a source of inspiration. The colour red is connected with attentiveness, strength, ambition and braveness. It has been used to promote emotions of safety and to offer more self-assurance. The colour blue can be utilized to further personal expression, well being and creativity. It could possibly improve clear thinking and interaction abilities whilst providing serenity. Violet is affiliated with magnificence and creativity and is found to promote relaxation, self-sacrifice, and generosity. Indigo is related to imagination and understanding. It's mentioned to promote better consciousness and to generate originality.

Colour therapy can be utilized in a wide range of ways. One method has an individual envision and concentrate on a particular colour whilst breathing deeply. One other approach involves utilizing a coloured lamp that brings out different colours. These lamps may be narrow enough to focus on a selected body region or enhance the environment of an entire room. Some folks choose to put on spectacles that allow only a specific colour of the spectrum to filter in. Light that goes into the eyes furthers the formation of hormones which affect the body's biochemical system. One more methodology includes making use of numerous colours of the spectrum on acupuncture points on the skin by utilizing an instrument that appears much like a pen light. Receptors in the skin then take in the light.

The usage of different colours has been proven to boost mood. Light boxes have been proven to help people who are struggling with seasonal affective problems. This condition is connected to the shortage of sunlight around the winter months. Slumber and mood problems have also been efficiently cured with the use of color therapy. Consultants recommend that chromotherapy must be used together with medicine or treatment prescribed by a doctor whilst treating serious situations such as cancer and other critical ailments. Some other strategies of utilizing color therapy embody clothing, bath crystals, paints, and soap and therapy oils.

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