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RMT Timmins - Aura Cleansing - This kind of energy healing could be performed utilizing one's hands or crystals. The point is to eliminate whatever dark energy that is within the auric field. The healer afterward infuses the aura with light, reshapes and rebalances it and to finish energizes it with positive energy.

BioGenesis - The method of BioGenesis is performed making use of colored glass wheel that could harness energy and transfer the created energy into your energy body. The BioGenesis healer will typically have you lie upon a table and try to get you to a point of deep relaxation. She or he places the small glass wheels on various areas of your physical body so as to anchor the light of creation within your energy body.

Chakra Healing - Chakra energy healing works through opening up the channels that connect to your chakra centers clearing out blockages of energy that has been blocked deep inside the core of your energy body. This particular energy healing is accomplished in various techniques and is can be effectively combined along with Emotional Freedom technique tapping and Rapid Eye Movement therapy.

Crystal Healing - Crystal healing practitioners utilize different precious and semi-precious crystals and stones to be able to help heal and balance your energy body and physical body. By combining the vibration frequency of various colored stones along with the vibratory frequency of crystal energy helps adjust your energy field to a higher level.

Matrix Energetics - Created by Chiropractor Dr. Richard Bartlett, Matrix Energetics was created to the idea of moving past therapeutic concepts to the source known as the solution set. The methods rely on the two point system archetype, on active imagination, gentle touch, even time travel as well as a set of 21 healing frequencies.

Qigong - Qigong translates as "energy cultivation" and is literally the "breathing- in" of results. There are four different types to Qigong method including: the active movement, static hold of certain posture, focused visualization and the use of some tools like for example body manipulations and herbs. These techniques are used to be able to rebalance an support a healthy energy system.

Reiki - During the year 1922, the Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui received or "discovered" - Reiki. These energy healers go through a system of three degree levels. Each level works directly with the energy body. In Reiki, there are a series of set hand patterns over specific body parts. Usually, in Reiki there is no physical contact involved even though, several Reiki practitioners could use some light touch over areas.

Shamanic Healing - Shaman healers call on the spirit world in order to assist their healing powers for others. Shamanic sessions will often begin with the Shaman rapidly beating a drum, whereas the participant works visualization. Sooner or later, the Shaman and the client are in a trance like state. Once they have both relaxed into the trance state, the Shaman who is usually lying or sitting next to the client, will encounter spiritual helpers, animal totems, angels or the client's higher self to be able to find the problem within the energy field and source the energy tools required to be able to heal the concern.

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